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13 Jan 2022 um 13:10 The food was delicious, (“combination vegetariana “ is what I had). The delivery was a little behind schedule but completely contactless and safe. Food was spilled a little but good nonetheless. Thank you!
10 Jan 2022 um 17:45 Delivery usually takes 2 hrs, sometimes longer. Packaging doesn’t hold up so usually spills food is tasty once it arrived
23 Dez 2021 um 18:33 The food tastes amazing, but I would suggest a better version of packaging. The grease was out of the aluminum plate.
25 Nov 2021 um 17:23 first time I try and it was a good choice ! "combination Balestera" is what i ordered
4 Nov 2021 um 22:47 Die Lieferung war pünktlich und das Essen war sehr sehr lecker. Es war jedoch bereits kalt und nicht scharf, obwohl ich scharf bestellt hatte.
4 Nov 2021 um 0:01 Delicious! Get the vegetarian combo platter.
3 Okt 2021 um 23:37 Bestellung wurde nach 25 Minuten Wartezeit storniert, 2. Bestellung wurde ebenfalls nach 25 Minuten Wartezeit storniert - möglicherweise nicht vom Restaurant selbst, sondern von Lieferando - sehr enttäuschend.
15 Sep 2021 um 21:50 Absolutely wonderful food! Usually many Ethiopian dishes are served on top of a fresh injera, luckily this restaurant changes this for take away, otherwise the wonderfully fluffy and tasty injera would be all soaky. So an extra star for presentation!
8 Sep 2021 um 8:45 75 minutes after I ordered, it still hadn't arrived, and there was no answer when I called the restaurant. My food took 90 minutes to arrive, on a quiet Tuesday night! When the food did finally arrive, it was mediocre and the portion was tiny. Avoid!!
7 Sep 2021 um 13:29 Das Essen war leider kalt und nicht das, was ich bestellt habe.